CCS Charger Adapter for Tesla Only - Black

Sale price$164.99


FAST CHARGING - Up to 150 kW charging rate supported for Tesla (Note: Charge rate will also depend on the specifications of the charging station). The CCS to Tesla Adapter allows you to charge your Tesla at over 5,000 CCS fast chargers nationwide

HEAVY-DUTY - This DC charging adapter has a maximum rating of 500V and 300A - with an operating temperature from -22 °F to 122 °F

TESLA COMPATIBLE - The CCS to Tesla adapter is fully compatible with CCS chargers and all Tesla models that are CCS enabled (any Tesla built prior to Oct 2020 will require an ECU retrofit to be CCS enabled. Check the vehicle settings on any Tesla built after Oct 2020 to ensure CCS compatibility: Control>Software>Additional Vehicle Information> CCS Adapter Support-Check If Enabled. Any Tesla built prior to 2014 will be excluded from CCS

PORTABLE - Light, compact, and easy to use, this CCS charging adapter fits easily in your glove box - just pull up, slide it onto the CCS charger, and quickly charge your Tesla

TEMPERATURE MONITORING - Equipped with real-time internal temperature monitoring. At 179 °F the current will be reduced (depending on the Tesla system); at 188.6 °F the current will be cut off until ambient temperature is restored

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