Vizio Power Cord 0320-4000-0390

Sale price$7.99


Please make sure your TV model and serial number are correct before placing your order. If possible, we recommend ordering by the original part number on the part itself. For TV Models:E320i-A0 E241i-A1 E28h-C1 E320i-B1 E241-A1 E290-A1 M75-E1 P75-C1 E75-E1 D32h-F0 V436-G1 For S/Ns:LAUKNLFN LAQANLFN LAEANLFN LAQFNLEN LAQKNLFN LAEKNLFN LAEANLFP LAEKNLAP LAQANLEP LAQKNLAP LAQKNLFP LAEKNLFP LTMAEMAT LTMAEMMT LTMATKAR LTMATKAS LTMATKBS LTMAGRAT LTMAGRMT LTM7GRKT LTM7GROT LTM7GROU LAUSVMKT LAUSVMKU LTQWQGKV

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