Vizio Remote Control 0980-0306-1220R

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We recommend ordering by original parts come with your TV models. Oftentimes, one TV model could be the possibility to use different types of panel and working in more than one set of parts. For TV Models:D390-B0 E320-A0 E320-B0 E320-B0E D32h-C0 For S/Ns:LAEANLGP LAEKNLGP LAERPKAP LAQANLGP LAQAPKAQ LAQFNLCP LAQFPKGQ LAQKNLGP LAQRPKAP LAQRPKAQ LAQRPKBP LATFPKGQ LATRPKAP LATRPKAQ LATRPKBP LAUANLAN LAUANLGP LAUANLJP LAUARRAQ, LATARRAQ LAUFNLCP LAUKNLGP LAURPKAP LAURPKAQ

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