Vizio Sound Bar 2 RCA Digital Coaxial Cable 1018-0000532 for Home Theater Party

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Vizio Sound Bar Digital Coaxial Cable 1018-0000532

Our High-quality audio allows for full immersion into your favorite music, movies, video games, and more.

1018-0000532 Sound Bar RCA Cable Vizio 0 -61200 -61200 8 0 0 0 New 0.96 24.99 0 S2920w-C0 S3820w-C0 S3821w-C0 29/38 CoAxial Audio Cable We recommend ordering by original parts come with your TV models, please make sure the correct part number before placing orders. 13 S2120w-E0 SB2920-C6 SB3820-C6 SB3821-C6 S2121w-D0 SB3651-E6 SB3651-F6 SB46514-F6 SB46312-F6 SB3651ns-H6 1018-0000444

Optimal Signal Transfer Digital Audio To slink Cable delivers superior sound. Optical audio cable perfectly connects a CD/DVD player, Blu-Ray player, gaming console, or another audio component to an amplifier, receiver, audio processor, audio system, or home theater system. Uncompressed PCM audio, compressed 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound systems including Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution, and LPCM.

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  • Vizio 1018-0000532 Sound Bar Coaxial Audio Cable Compatible for ADAT, Daw, Dolby Digital, DTS Devices 
  • Ultra Slim Flexible Design makes your cable convenient to use
  • Superior resistance to EMI/RFI and ground loop interference
  • Ultra-thin PVC jacket



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