Vizio Soundbar/Subwoofer Power Cord 1018-0000547

Sale price$7.99


Please make sure the part number is correct before placing orders. 

Compatible with the following models: S2121w-D0 S2120w-E0 SB3820-C6 SB3821-C6 SB3821-D6 SB3630-E6 SB3651-E6 EM43RFS  SB362An-F6 SB3220n-F6 SB36512-F6 SB46514-F6 SB46312-F6 SB4051-C0 SB3651-F6 2S1E-0002577 2S1E-0002567 2S1E-0002593  2S1E-0002766 2S1E-0002767 2S1E-0003152 P514a-H6 SB2920-C6 1018-0000570 1018-0000680 1018-0000645 1018-0000804 1018-0000805

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