Vizio WIFI 054.03037.0001

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Please make sure your TV model and serial number are correct before placing your order. If possible, we recommend ordering by the original part number on the part itself. For TV Models:P552UI-B2 P652UI-B2 M55-C2 D65u-D2 RS65-B2 For S/Ns:LWZJRNAQ LWJJRNAQ LWJARJAQ LWZARJAQ LWJASBAR LWZASBAR LWJQSBAR LWZQSBAR LWJQSBCR LWZQSBCR LWJASBBR LWZASBBR LWJQSBBR LWZQSBBR LWJQSBDR LWZQSBDR LWZAUDAR LWJAUDAR LWJJRNAR LWZJRNAR LWZAUDFS LWJAUDAS LWZAUDBS LWZAUDES

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